MISSION CHRISTMAS at Southfield Day Nursery!
Hi everyone. As we come towards the end of what has been a very unusual and challenging year, we at nursery have taken some time to reflect on those who may be less fortunate than ourselves this Christmas, and we wanted to do something to help make a difference.
We are therefore very pleased to confirm that over the next few weeks we will be supporting Metro Radio’s Cash for Kids with their Mission Christmas, and we will be collecting Christmas presents for children who may be in the very unfortunate position of not receiving a gift from Santa on Christmas morning.
We would like to invite all parents and members of the local community to join us as follows –
1) Starting today we will be accepting donations of Christmas presents at the Nursery from parents and staff. We would request donations are received as soon as possible to allow enough time for them to be sorted and distributed before Christmas Day.
2) For each gift donation received at nursery, we will be matching this by donating a brand new book, with the aim that each local child would potentially receive a gift and a book on Christmas Day.
3) You may also have friends and family who would also like to donate, and we will be happy to receive these, but in order to maintain social distancing and minimise interactions between different individuals, where possible we would ask that staff members and parents collect these on their behalf and bring them to us as part of a single drop off during their normal visits to the Nursery.
4) Gifts received should be new and unused, and we are not able to accept second hand gifts. Gifts should be unwrapped, so that when they are processed an appropriate child can be easily identified to receive each gift.
5) Gifts can be for children aged 0-18, although we have been informed that in previous years there has been fewer donations for babies and teenagers. Given the age group of the children we care for, it would be natural to expect our efforts to focus on the younger ages, but all gifts are gladly received, no matter how big or how small.
6) We will be handling items in a COVID secure way, wearing gloves and sanitising donations as we receive them. If possible, we would ask that you also sanitise any gift donations before you hand them over, so we are all keeping each other as safe as possible!
7) As gifts are received, we will drop them off at Mission Christmas’s various central collection points on behalf of all those who donate via ourselves.
All donations processed will be anonymous, and we will be grateful to receive donations from all those who are able to contribute during this difficult time.
Please get in touch with the Nursery in the usual way if anything isn’t clear or you require any more information!